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COVID-19 Policies

*Guest count limits will depend on current government restriction guidelines*

*In the event of a lockdown, refunds will be issued*

All guests must meet the following criteria:

1.‎ Have‎ not traveled‎ outside‎ the‎ province‎ or‎ country‎ in‎ the‎ past‎ 14‎ days

2.‎ Not‎ show‎ any‎ symptoms‎ of‎ illness of‎ any‎ kind (cough, fever, sore throat etc.)

3.‎ Have‎ not knowingly‎ been‎ exposed‎ to‎ anyone‎ who‎ has‎ tested‎ positive‎ (or‎ may‎ test‎ positive‎) for‎ Covid-19‎

*Host can be masked for welcome tour/art class by request

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