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Included with your Stay

Relaxing days followed by fun evenings....

Included Continental Breakfast with every stay

Continental Breakfast

Continental breakfast included with your stay.

You'll find at your breakfast bar;

bagels, cereal, oatmeal, granola, waffle mix/maker,

coffee, tea, & sugar.

In refrigerator is OJ, 1% milk, coffee cream, eggs for waffle mix, butter, syrup, and cream cheese.

* Those with special dietary requirements are encouraged to bring own products as needed.

Paint Pouring
Art Class

A fun & therapeutic abstract art class on Acrylic Paint Pouring.

You're sure to fall in love with this addictive and therapeutic art form where you'll learn how to create your very own masterpieces you'll be proud to show off! 

And I promise, 0 artistic skill required!

*Public & Private classes available. Contact for more info.

A group of couples after creating some beautiful art together.
Art class attendee not minding she has paint on her face.
You choose your favourite colours to use in your paint pouring activity.
Friends amazed at the art they were able to create in the included art class.
Some guests enjoying the soothing experience of the paint pouring class.
Friends that create together, stay together.
The Creation Lounge Retreat logo
Guests dressed up in retro attire for the included dance party
Guests dressed up in retro attire for the included dance party
Friends dressed in fun 80's attire for the included Retro Dance Party night
Ladies on the dance floor dancing to their favourite tunes,
Guests dressed up in retro attire for the included dance party

Dance Party

Playing all your favourite hits and taking requests. Complete with disco ball, lights, & smoke machine.

The best outfit on the dance floor wins

a bottle of wine!

And we all have that friend that just loves to karaoke!

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